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Honest Solitaire

Ethical | Sustainable | Affordable | Exquisite

Ethical | Sustainable | Affordable | Exquisite

Ethical | Sustainable | Affordable | ExquisiteEthical | Sustainable | Affordable | Exquisite

About Us

Our mission

Honest Solitaire is aiming to be the leading ethical diamond alternative brand in North America by offering the best prices possible, international reach, and of course quality work. We are a brand you can trust, and provide our own brand of moissanite stones instead of the bigger names to be able to ensure the best value to our beloved customers. When you think of "moissanite Canada" we want you to find comfort in also thinking of us.

How we got started

Our partners came together at a kitchen table, full of love and determination, after experiencing difficulties sourcing local moissanite providers at an affordable price. With the Canadian dollar being significantly lower than USD, the cost of shopping from popular U.S. retailers made the overall costs a lot higher than they could be. We decided to come together and find a way to offer an easy to shop, affordable, and quality source of moissanite and other diamond alternatives website that everyone can enjoy and feel confident in.

How we giveback

We believe everyone deserves a surprise once in a while. We regularly host giveaways and contests on our Instagram page (@honestsolitaire) and we also use a portion of our proceeds to host sponsored community work with The Jenzie Project (@thejenzieproject) and various work they do in other cities across North America. Check them out to see what an impact they are making on the homeless communities around them!